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Guarantee to our clients the quality of every building we supply

Guarantee to our clients the quality of every building we supply

We at ShedTech / Shed Alliance recognised the need for someone to take a stand in the marketplace and make a commitment through our distribution network to guarantee to our clients the quality of every building we supply.

This best quality criteria is across every range available from Shed Alliance, not just a select few designs to be sold at a premium to you with cheaper inferior designs the usual offer as some shed companies do.
This switch to a cheaper range offer has been the mainstay strategy used by some others and some of the biggest name shed companies in this industry for years.
This includes companies hiding behind ShedSafe accreditation and selling cheaper non accredited versions of their products.

This commitment by Shed Alliance to not sacrifice quality for price and stop this practice as used by some others is called UltraSafe TM.
We believe the public should be informed about this double standard and Shed Alliance offers best quality and best value at all times with every building.
Buy with confidence from your local authorised and accredited Shed Alliance dealer.

UltraSafe is a design philosophy ensuring best practice and duty of care - delivering you, our client, peace of mind when purchasing a steel building from the Shed Alliance reseller network.

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