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Don’t take a big risk when buying a shed or carport

Don’t take a big risk when buying a shed or carport

Like many products there is usually someone selling with a cheaper price.  In this competitive market no company can survive if they charge too much. Generally we all know the rule that you pay for what you get. Pay peanuts - get monkeys. Self regulation rules by attrition.
Quality lasts the test of time - junk is thrown away in a short time frame.

To this end ShedTech / Shed Alliance resellers sell quality steel buildings - sheds, carports, patios, barns and steel housing.
We do not compromise your investment with cheap components, bad imported materials or tricks of the trade to cut down on quality and steel strength to offer cheap pricing - to your long term loss.
We do not use thin tin on the roof - as some do - IE 0.35 BMT on the roof - making it untrafficable. We use Bluescope Colorbond with a minimum of 0.42 BMT - 0.47 TCT on all our roofing.
We do not use thin purlins and girts - stretching published data engineering specifications too far - such as 0.6 BMT battens. ShedTech uses heavier gauges and does not place them with excessive spacings.
We bolt all our zed purlins and wall girts - in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines and fixing specifications. They are not tek screwed to columns and rafters.

Ask what steel materials you are being offered by other companies! Check their quote. Are they correctly applying wind categories and shielding for your site and project?
ShedTech utilises site specific wind loads to drive our dynamic engineering and offers steel optimisation with built in certification documentation - proving every job and every design - every time.
Be involved with your quotation being prepared with ShedTech software - Australia’s market leading package - watch as it is designed on the computer in 3D in real time - check your building and framing being designed in scale - don’t just accept some bit of paper and salesman’s spiel as others may offer.

UltraSafe is your assurance of proper and correct design complying with Australian Building Codes and Australian AS/NZ standards.
Just as importantly UltraSafe is our guarantee to you of quality products and componentry - designed by engineers, experienced builders and industry experts - not an accountant.
UltraSafe is a design philosophy ensuring best practice and duty of care - delivering you, our client, peace of mind when purchasing a steel building from the Shed Alliance reseller network.


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